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The sportident system was originally developed for the sport of orienteering but is to day also adjusted to work in other sports, such as skiorienteering, triathlon, multisport, nordic walking, running relays, .. Read more about this in our introduction of the system.

Today the system is used in more than 35 countries around the globe. It is used on small trainings without any computers as well as on the worlds largest orienteering competition with over 15 000 starts and a huge computer network.

After the start 1996, Sportident expanded very fast and is today the leading and most used electronic punching system for orienteering in the world. Becasue you can get splits between every control on the course, you have a completely new way of analysing your race. Today people say "I was the fastest between control 4 and 5", even thou they didn't win the race. Before sportident stories like "I must have made at least 5 minutes on that control..." was very comon, today you can easyly see every misstake and how big it was. There are several tools to analys your race, one of the best is Winsplits that helps you penetrate every detail of every part of every race.

The concept for big competitions has evolved in late years, today you have onlinecontrols that is transmitted to the fininsh area thru radio transmittors. The times are there presentated as graphics for speaker, press, TV and on big screens. Everything developed by Sportident.

We have also put a lot of effort in making the system better and easyer to use at traingings. Today the new stations is purfectly suited for training and can be used by anyone.
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