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First official event with the new fast SI-card 6
Today in Birkeröd, Denmark, the first official event with the new SI-card took place. The event was a success and some of the reactions were: "it is really fast", “you only have to put the card in the hole and you will get a punch".

After a long development, which started in 2000, finally the new fast SI-card 6 is ready. This product is only one in a series of new products.
The SI-card 6 can store up to 64 punches and it is twice as fast as the old one. It can also store dates up to four days that makes it perfect for long distance competitions. The memory can also store your name, address, birth date, etc. This information is automatically printed by the small Thermo printer or read in to the software when reading the SI-card.
The SI-card 6 is perfect for sprint, short and park orienteering and also for competitions with a lot of controls.
Have a look on the results from the first event here
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