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The weekend 23-24 February is the time for ”real” competitions again in Sweden after all training events that have taken place during the winter. First is Andrarums IF that have there competitions in Skåne, in the south of Sweden. The weekend after it is time for Pan-Kristianstad to have their classic spring competitions with night, relay and short. During 2001 about 85% of the Swedish competitions used Sportident and this year it will be nearly 90%.

At our home page we are showing under the headline ”Competitions” the competitions we know that are using Sportident and have an invitation on internet. See ”Link to Swedish competitions running Sportident” to see which competitions in Sweden will use Sportident. For the moment it is just March that is nearly completed, but we are filling up all the time. Of competitions outside Sweden are just a few competions up. Do your club have an invitation on Internet and it isn´t on our list? Send an e-mail to and give us the link plus date, club/federation and kind of event and you will be up in a couple of days. Also give Peter information if something that we are linking to is wrong.
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