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Sportident on WOC2006 in Denmark
2006 was the second time Sportident was used on WOC. First time was 2003 in Switzerland. The host this year was Denmark and the news this year was that Sportident delivered all the equipment for punching, timing and graphics.

Technically WOC2006 is a bigger challenge than f.ex. Oringen. The reason is that the timing has to be done with a separate system to be able to get a time resolution of 1/10 of a second. To achieve this equipment from Microgate was totally integrated with the Sportident system. The Microgate system did the timing and Sportident the punching and identification of the runner. To make the system most reliable a secondary system was used all the time. Start times were generated by a trigger (like the one used in alpine skiing) and the times were sent to the finish by radio modems to have a full result as soon as the runner crossed the finish line. In the finish double photocells took the finish time. Because they were doubled it is not possible to get a time by stretching the hand in front of you because both photocells have to be broken at the same time. Instead the finish time was taken by the chest breaking the light beams. Another double photocells where used for the secondary system as a backup. It is of great importance that the result can be presented as soon as the runner crosses the finish line both for the Speaker and the big screen and also for the streaming of the live pictures on Internet. The graphical system (video overlay) is also developed by Sportident and this shows names, placing and running times on the big screen in real time form both the finish and different TV controls in the forest. There were as much as 13 online controls in the forest sending split times in real time to the finish to be presented on the bid screen. Thanks to very good cooperation between the organizer of WOC2006 and the Sportident crew it all went smoothly.
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