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2003-09-14  First event in Rochester US
The Bagel Run was the first event ever with DAG-System in US. 421 runners competed in bright sunshine on this 5k course. In the finish a 4 meter antenna was used.    Read more

2003-08-20  Couplingstick not needed anymore
After introducing the new software 4.06 in all SI-stations the coupling stick is not needed anymore when programming the stations. Therefore the coupling stick is removed from the order page.   

2003-08-11  Sportident official punching system at WOC 2003
For the first time ever the punching system from Sportident was used at World Orienteering Championship in Switerland 2003.    Read more

2003-04-30  Best result on Tiomila 2003 in Kungsör, Sweden
For the first time Sportident was used on Tiomila this Year. Via 8 online controls, 4 with radio and 4 with cables, the spectators could follow the event on a big screen on the event center.   

2002-11-06  Tiomila will use Sportident 2003.
Finally Tiomila has decided to use Sportident next Year. This is the first time that Sportident will be used at this big relay. Next Year there will be a focus on the security in order to get all the results printed in time but also some new things will be used.   

2002-09-03  Scottish 6-days 2003
Scottish 6-days that takes part every second year will be held in Moray next year. For the third time Sportident will be used. See at the organizers homepage for more information.   

2002-08-19  China Student Championship 2002
Last week in Hangzhou in China 600 students fought for the title of the first Studend Champion in China.    Read more

2002-07-12  Sportident on Swedish O-Ringen 2003 and 2004.
Just before this Years O-ringen in Sweden, the Swedish Federation has again choosen Sportident as the official time keeping system at O-Ringen 2003 and 2004.   

2002-06-11  New games on the net
The games in our school paper is now availible on the net, under the headline games in the menu. The games we have put on the net sofar is The hunt, The nine, Idiot and The steeplechase. If you want to share some of your games that you have improved by adding sportident, do not hesitate to mail us.   

2002-06-11  Game videos
Now videos of some of the games are availible for online viewing!
  • The steeplechase(0.37MB)
  • Idiot (0.76MB)
  • The hunt(1.81MB)   

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